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Convert Your Landing Pages

Best practices for converting your landing pages.

Attracting new customers online can be a challenge, and you probably feel you are doing all you can or all you know how to do. That is understandable, but rest assured, there is always more that can be done, they sky is the limit and we are here to help you meet your business goals. What are you currently doing to get customers to call, email, fill out a web form, or take another action? You loose customer's interest after just a few short seconds, so capturing their attention from the first second is imperative to your business's success. The first and most important thing to do is present to the reader a quality landing page or blog post that appears legible, clear and visible when a potential client clicks on your advertisement. This will help conversions to your business which can been seen using analytics and tracking software.

1. Create Custom Landing Pages

Most businesses have multiple audiences and or offerings. This means that you need to target different types of shoppers with your digital marketing techniques. It does not make sense to send all of these different shoppers to one single place such as your website's home page. It makes more sense to diversify your website by creating different, custom landing pages that uniquely target each type of client you are trying to convert and capture. The custom landing page needs to match the style, message and design of the targeted advertisement. This is so that your unique visitors know they have an exact match for the business they were searching for.

2. Put the Most Important Information First

Your visitors should not have to go on a wild goose chase and click in multiple places once they land on your site to get the information they are looking for. Your keywords, headlines and content should provide an exact match for the clients on the first page they land on within your website or blog. Your business name, location, phone number and email address should be visible on all pages of your site so that you never loose a customer or require them to look for the information they will need to complete a call to action.

3. Make Your Headline Stands Out

According to extensive research, visitor's that land on your site will stay for approximately 5 seconds before leaving if they do not find the information relevant to them immediately. This is why using an attractive headline is very important. Use a compelling key message before typing out your content. Make sure to be specific, short and to the point about your product or service when using the headline and avoid details until you start writing the content itself.

4. Ax The Clutter

Sometimes less is more. If a client lands on your page and there is too much information, too many images, and the information is not well organized; your audience might feel overwhelmed and leave just because they couldn't get what they were looking for in the few seconds they were trying to accomplish getting the information. As humans, we tend to be pretty impatient. So the most important part about content creation is your organizational skills and messaging. The content you are creating for a landing page should have the keywords people are using to find you, the message you want to convey about your service or product and what that customer should do now that they have the information they need to make a decision. Adding a photo with captions, a testimonial, and key benefits needs to directly connect to the offer for your product or service.

5. Video Messages

Adding a video or vlog to your landing page is a great way to get clients or potential clients to gain interest to your business and learn more about what you have to offer, what makes you unique or special and a great way to get them excited about connecting with you. This helps build trust with consumers that shop online versus solely in retail stores. Customers tend to become more engaged and higher conversions are seen with websites that contain videos than without them studies show. Testimonials from happy clients drive up conversions more than 70 percent research has shown. Keeping videos short, under one minute long and sticking to YouTube recommendations for creating effective videos online are highly recommended.

6. Make Sure To Read What You Write Before Publishing Your Content

Nothing is worse than having a great idea, great concept and something you know will explode off the charts in conversions to have it tainted by a grammatical or spelling error that people point out to you. An unwanted typo can quickly drive away a consumer and small mistakes can be costly. Read and re-read everything you post, and even get someone else to proof read for you, just to ensure you are publishing five star content and a clear pathway to high conversions.

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