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Growth Hacking for Multi Million Dollar Companies Straight from Silicon Valley

Multi Million Dollar Growth Hacking Strategies

This article focuses on growth hacking, inbound and outbound marketing tactics, and tips that you can use to grow your enterprise. We will cover what you need to know and teach you how to integrate inbound and outbound strategies so you can ascertain results quicker. Here we will also dive into how to use marketing and sales to close large contracts with bigger enterprises.

Lets start with inbound and outbound marketing. When you combine inbound and outbound sales - they go together like peas and carrots, or for you simpler folk- peanut butter and jelly. What you need to know is, they work hand in hand. When you combine inbound and outbound marketing simultaneously, it helps build up a brand. by creating brand recognition.

The biggest misconception about inbound marketing is that if you get all these visitors to your website or social media pages, you're going to make money. But the reality is that what really happens is when you drive the masses, you get a slew of people with little to no income. Those people need to be weeded out, since they most likely are not your target audience. That's why you do need both I/O as a combination that works better so you can target the right potentials to convert to clientele. Growth hack! Constantly think outside the box. Try new things and measure the results. Watch your competition closely and outperform their efforts. Bring creativity to the table.

Outbound only really works when you are targeting specific people or groups. When outbound marketing, it is crucial to be more specific because it helps you stand out from all the noise that is content overload. Be specific with the ideal buyer. 90.88 percent of content online is not ranked or crawled. If Google deems content unworthy, it is because it's sophisticated algorithm knows people will not be engaged. If your content is not emotional or engaging, outbound marketing will fail. Create specific, short and to the point emotional or engaging content people will love, want to share or read, and you are on the right path. But also know your customers. What you need to be aware of is what your clientele really wants to see or feel from your brand. Create content around the right customers. Give them stats and data about why they should be doing business with you. This helps build security and trust.

A recap:

1) Figure out who the ideal customer is

2) create content around those types of people

3) Then, when you get specific about your content you will start attracting the right kind of customers.

Common great questions that we have the answers to.

How long before article starts getting results? About six months. This has been tested and discussed by gurus such as Neil Patel and Aaron Ross.

How to promote without spending lots of money in marketing

- Have to be smart in deciding how to grow.

- Hire inexperienced VP or sales force/marketing personnel instead of hiring high priced leader first

- Don't be impatient in expecting results.

- Use team of full time - not part time - prospectors.

Best practices for account based marketing

- So many messages, blog posts, Linked In communications, etc., are focused on your buyers. Don't overwhelm them. Focus on who your ideal buyers are and what their needs are. Sharpen your message.

- You need a differentiator. What makes you different. Use stats and data. Take time to take care of your ideal customer.

- Remember that your brand differentiates you.

- Use a personal touch in communications like your newsletter, for example.

- It take times to develop your brand building.

- Do at least one thing in your business very well. Focus and publicize on that one thing.

Growth formula for entrepreneurs or startups

- Know when to go all in. Like when you see something working like in-bound marketing. If the economics are working when you have two sales reps, move to four reps, keep going if the numbers work.

- For inbound marketing, if you are doing well, let's say at a 100k or 300k Facebook budget, don't just stay there. When things are going in your favor, don't be afraid to go all in.

Lets conclude by saying this. Marketing is cut throat and competitive. It is more competitive than ever before. So do the dirty work to really know your customers. Even if you're the CEO, do sales yourself to see who your customers are. You may think you know your customers, but confirm this. Again, growth hack- make sure you know exactly what they want. Try A and B testing and measure the results with real data. Make sure you take the time to get your product right. In general, get your fundamentals down, error free and offer a great customer experience. Think Starbucks, Nordstrom, Apple- some of the biggest brand names. Why? Because they have built customer loyalty.

And answer the hard questions, like, are we ready to grow and are we ready to take the next growth step?

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