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Product Launch Marketing

This video is not property of Service FIrst DIgital Marketing just a fantastic example of people who really get excited about a product, service or company! Get enthusiastic people just like this to love, like, share and market your product for you. It can happen! And it will pay dividends!

Are you ready to launch a product? A great product? One that you know everyone will want to buy?

Product launch marketing is a carefully, strategically controlled and coordinated release of a product or service that is executed to the market place with the goal of achieving maximum sales velocity and profitability in the marketplace. Having the right company by your side to launch your product is the key to your success.

Product launch expert Jeff Walker created the Product Launch Formula which raked in over $200 Million Dollars worth of launched products. And with the right professionals by your side, your company can join the success of the $200 Million dollar enterprises.

Know your goals! The purpose behind a product launch is to build anticipation and excitement so that when the product becomes available, you have a fan base that is eager to become reliable, purchasing clientele as well as joint venture partners and affiliates that are in line, ready to sell what you have to offer. Commonly, a years worth of sales can occur in just one week. Take the newest IPhones or Google's Android's phones for example. Advertisements by the company and their affiliates or influencers will begin to trickle market their product without the ability to purchase. This is to gain excitement, get consumer's awareness and build a hype with an anticipated launch date. This offers the company time to understand how well their product should sell and for consumers to get ready to run (not walk) to their PC or store to make their excitable purchase. Ever notice even real estate agents do this with properties they know are going to be a big hit? There will be a sneak peak of sorts, to a property that looks amazing and further details follow when it becomes available? The concept is the same.

Build a hype for your product with the right team of people that are the "who's who" in the product launch field. Let us know if you have questions or need help sorting out your product launch. Cheers to your success!

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