Why Market on Facebook?

How much time are you on Facebook each day? Do you want your business to have more likes, better posts or even video posts? Do you want to have an ad running on Facebook that actually converts?

Facebook is by far the largest social media company. Currently, they have over 2.23 Billion active monthly users. 1.15 billion of those are daily active users on mobile devices. 76% of all women and 66% of all men in the world have a Facebook account. What does this mean for your business? It means that a great percentage of your customers and potential customers are actively using Facebook. So how do you connect with them?  At Evol Marketing we use a few different tools:

  • Boosts and ads

  • Remarketing

  • Facebook in-marketing

  • Daily image and text posts

  • Daily Video or slideshow posts

Daily Facebook Posts

Staying in front of your customers and prospects is important, but generating new prospects is just as important. We create daily Facebook Marketing posts. These posts will be Image and text posts, video or article links. We will regularly, but not every time, mention a product or promotion that your business is offering. Research has shown that Facebook users get tired of advertisement after advertisement. They want to know who you are – We help you tell your story.

Facebook Boosts or Ads

When running ads for our clients we have two options, boosting a post or creating an ad. These ads can be videos, slideshows, images, text or a combination. There are many targeting methods and we will help you discover who your target market is.


Video posts and ads are extremely effective on Facebook. They can engage with a customer faster than text, a picture, or even a slideshow. We create image, slideshows or videos for 100% of your daily posts. Subtle movements with your message and imaging are much more eye catching in someone’s feed than just text.

Build Social Engagement and Generate Fans

With consistent, relevant posts and meaningful interactions with your followers, you’ll grow your social media reach, strengthen your brand, and get more exposure.

Monitor And Maintain Your Online Reviews

We’ll help you maintain a strong online presence with clearly visible positive reviews and our quick, professional responses.

Our Social Media Experts Manage It All

Let us manage your primary social media channels, monitor online reviews and engagements, and blog on behalf of your business.


20% On average, brands only answer 20% of messages that require a response or attention on social media. 

Source: Trackur.com

18% Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.

Source: Vendasta.com

43% of small businesses spend 6+ hours/week on social media alone. 

Source: Hubspot

Leave the competition in the dust

We'll respond to positive reviews, amplify them across social media, and help you respond to the not-so-positive ones. Plus, we'll show your customers your expertise through insightful blog posts and infographics on the latest industry topics.

We’ll help you grow your online reach and, ultimately, your business

Keyword-rich blogs, active social channels, and quick responses on major review sites will all help you gain more exposure across the web and, in turn, more traffic to your business.

The Smarter Way To Reach Local Customers

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